Dylan Graves

Dylan Graves

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Dylan Graves dances to the beat of his own drum. He’s the type of guy who will literally say “yes” to everything. At his roots Dylan’s clear objective is simple; having fun. He’s endlessly upbeat and constantly tossing 100% energy into the object in front of him. Whether that be a novelty wave, surfboard art, or a roadtrip in his beloved van, The SS YOLO, nothing can stop D from a good time. Now married with a family of a couple of dogs, Dylan is based out of San Clemente and ready to dart up to LAX at the first sign of opportunity.

Hometown: Isabela, Puerto Rico
Currently Resides:  San Clemente, CA
Date of Birth:  January 8, 1986
On Vans Since: 2009
Instagram: @dylangraves

Greetings feat. Dylan Graves, Wade Goodall, Dane and Pat Gudauskas | Surf | VANS

A short surfing film featuring Dylan Graves, Wade Goodall, Dane and Patrick Gudauskas and anecdotes from their adventures through the Caribbean Sea. Presented by Vans.

Weird Waves Season 1: Great Lakes | Surf | VANS

What is a lake surfer? Are they different from you and I? Join host Dylan Graves on his quest to the “FREEZING GNARLS” of Duluth, Minnesota to find answers. Dylan links up with lake surfing specialist Burton Hathaway as they connect with the rest of the surfing community in the Great Lakes to experience the biggest winter storm of the season.