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Geoff Rowley

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Arriving in the U.S. from Liverpool in the ‘90s, Geoff Rowley turned the skate world on its head with an unbridled desire to push skateboarding further and go bigger than anyone had seen before. During a time when bulky skate shoes were the norm, Geoff signed with Vans in 1998, and shortly thereafter inspired an evolution in the form of a minimal, vulcanized skate shoe: Vans’ Rowley Pro. The slimmed-down silhouette shattered the status quo, delivering a fresh perspective that was quickly adopted by skateboarding.

Today, Geoff is one of the biggest names in skateboarding history; In 2019, he celebrated 20 years as one of Vans’ longest-running professional athletes. Throughout his career, Geoff has always strived for perfection in everything he does. Beyond shaping Vans’ skate team from the early days onward, and helping refine the fit, design and construction of its shoe and apparel lines, Geoff’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to his own skateboard company, Free Dome. Among his many accolades are Thrasher’s 2000 SOTY, as well as standout full parts in Vans’ Propeller (2015) and Take It Back (2019). Continuing to push himself both on the board and off, Geoff shows no signs of slowing down, remaining a beacon for skateboarders everywhere and for the next generation.

HOMETOWN: Liverpool, United Kingdom 
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Anaheim, California
DATE OF BIRTH: June 6, 1976
INSTAGRAM: @geoffrowley

Built [ROWLEY] Strong - Full Length | Skate | VANS

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