Vans Sole

Our purpose is to enable creative expression—and inspire youth culture —by celebrating and encouraging the Off the Wall attitude that comes from expressing your true self. Our sustainability program furthers our mission by supporting art, music and action sports programs through monetary and in-kind donations and volunteering. As part of our commitment to inspire youth culture, we recognize that we must protect the planet and its resources for future generations. Our sustainability program does this by reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and products.

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Green Sole Operations

We operate offices, distribution centers and retail stores around the world. Our operations have an impact on the environment- they create waste, use water, and contribute to climate change by using energy from fossil fuels. Our commitment to youth means we must change. Here is how Green Sole Operations makes change.


In 2017, Vans moved into a brand new corporate Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.
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Distribution Center

Vans’ Santa Fe Springs, California Distribution Center is over half a million square feet and ships out more than 30 million products a year.
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Retail Stores
Vans retail stores occupy more than 1 million square feet of retail space. More than 6,000 Vans family members interact Read More
Vans events- from the surfing contests we sponsor to the concerts we put on at our House of Vans locations- create lasting memories. Read More
What’s next?
There’s always more we can do. Our Green Sole Operations program keeps us focused on making strides in minimizing our environmental footprint. Read More
Green Sole Product
Even though our offices, distribution centers, retail stores and event spaces occupy millions of square feet and draw millions of people year, our operational footprint represents less than 10% of our total environmental impact. The products we create account for more than 90% of our impact. To truly fulfill our commitment to protecting the planet and its resources for future generations, we must change the way we create products.
Created by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Higg Index measures the environmental performance of apparel and footwear products.Read More
Using the Higg index, we analyze our packaging materials and find ways to make them more sustainable. Read More
Better Cotton
Cotton is the highest volume of raw material that Vans uses in its products. It also has a disproportionately high impact on the environment. Read More
Vans uses leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG certifies that the facilities that process leather are measuring and actively reducing their footprint on the environment. Read More
Shaping Suppliers
In addition to using better materials in our products and packaging, we work with our supply chain partners to reduce the impact of their operations. Read More
Worker Wellbeing
Vans commitment to high ethical standards applies no matter where our products are made. Read More
What's Next?
We continue to challenge ourselves. We have more work to do to lower the environmental footprint of our products and are committed to making progress for a better future. Read More
Street Sole
Street Sole supports our purpose to enable creative expression—and inspire youth culture —by celebrating and encouraging the Off the Wall attitude that comes from expressing your true self.

We’re giving back to our community in several ways:
Custom Culture
In its eight year, the Vans Custom Culture art competition inspires high school students across the United States to embrace their creativity. Read More
Building Partnerships
Vans partners with nonprofits that enable creative expression through art, music and action sports. Read More
In addition to monetary and in-kind donations, we enable creative self-expression through volunteering. Read More
Empowering Employees
Our employees are at the heart of real sustainable change. To make progress every day, we encourage our employees to take part in and contribute to our Vans Sole programs.
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Started in 2010, the Vans Trashquatch program helps our skate and surf shop partners reduce their big footprint. Each summer, Read More
What's Next?
Our Street Sole program keeps our employees inspired and our company connected to our community by living our purpose of enabling creative self-expression. Read More