Vans x Tudor Collection

A head to toe collection from Tosh & Joel Tudor, with love from San Diego.

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The Trek Slip-On

The first go anywhere, do anything, rinsable Slip-On.

Sandals aren’t for everyone. But wearing shoes to the beach isn’t always ideal. Welcome the Trek Slip-On. Just go surf, rinse, then repeat. Designed to be lightweight, fully rinsable, and easy to pack for your next adventure so you can slip-on and on and on…

Big-time traction

Breathableand rinsable

A one-piece, solid, durable design

Surf Boot 2 Hi V 5MM

The next evolution for the Surf Boot. Thinner and warmer so you can feel your board even better.


Equipped for the cold and wet with the extra traction, durability, and comfort needed to get you there.


Weird Waves

Duct Tape

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing