About Stoke-o-rama
Stoke-O-Rama is a day at the beach to get stoked!
The event is free for participants and raises funds to support local community water safety programs. Stoke-O-Rama was created in conjunction with Dane, Pat and Tanner Gudauskas and the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation as a means to give back to their community in San Clemente, Ca. Currently Stoke-O-Rama travels around the world hosting 100 boys and girls per event for surfing, water safety, beach games, prizes and some friendly competition. The event provides a unique opportunity for family participation through a positive experience that participants ages 5 to 12 can truly build on.
- 12 & Under Boys
- 10 & Under Boys
- 12 & Under Girls
- “Pops and Pups” Under 8 Boys & Girls Expression Session
Sustainability at Stoke-o-rama
No one is stoked when the beach and ocean are thrashed!
Education is one of the best weapons in keeping our oceans healthy, we have beach clean-ups for all participants to take part in. Hydro Flask is a partner that furthers the message of creating less waste through re-usable beverage containers, in addition we exclude any single-use plastic from the Stoke-O-Rama activations. At the end of the day the goal is to leave the beach better than we found it!