Together as ourselves

What would you do if your life was a blank canvas? With no rules, no expectations, no limits. What would you create? Who would you become?

This Pride, Vans is teaming up with LGBTQ+ creators who embrace the messy process of living in the moment. Those who unapologetically face each day in their own truth, identity, art and expression. Learn about the ambassadors and our donation to GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network).

Meet The Ambassadors
Tyris WinterTyris WinterTyris Winter

Tyris Winter (he/him) is a multifaceted artist who blurs the lines between poetry, fashion and dancing. Winter grew up in the middle of nowhere, and found the arts as a means of exploration.

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I grew up not really seeing my representation so I thought if I can’t see it why don’t I be it.

Mich MillerMich MillerMich Miller

Mich Miller (they/them) is a Los Angeles-based painter, printmaker, muralist and installation artist. Mich’s practice is informed by a commitment to abstraction and investment in printmaking, painting, design, queer histories and queer theory.

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Art in general has been a way for people to communicate things that they feel like language hasn’t caught up to yet.

Serena IsiomaSerena IsiomaSerena Isioma

Serena Isioma (they/she) is a 20 year old, first generation Nigeran-American artist based out of Chicago. Combining alternative, indie, hip-hop, and R&B into a genre-bending sound, Isioma caught the music industry's attention and has risen quickly after releasing their first two EPs in 2020.

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My music changes with my style and my style flows with my identity.

Sam McGuireSam McGuireSam McGuire

Sam McGuire (he/him) spent his younger years skateboarding in his barn in Waterloo, IA. In 2008 he moved out to Los Angeles where he spent the next 10 years shooting for skateboard magazines and brands all over the world.

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I was so scared to be who I was for so long and so to meet all these younger kids that are unapologetically themselves I find it so inspiring.

Vans’ mission is to inspire and enable creative expression. In celebration of Pride, we are donating a total of $200,000 to four different organizations around the world. One of these is GLSEN. GLSEN works in the US to cultivate a safe and supportive school environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Learn more about our global partners.