New York Premiere of Danny Brown: Live at the Majestic at House of Vans Brooklyn




Andrew Cohn’s documentary, Danny Brown: Live at the Majestic, kicks off the premiere week on May 24 and will feature an exclusive performance from the Detroit rapper himself. “I'm excited to premiere something as personal as Live at the Majestic at House of Vans,” said Danny Brown. “I've worked with Vans from Guangzhou to Brooklyn and this is a cool addition to our histories.” 


Danny Brown: Live at the Majestic is Andrew Cohn’s new concert documentary featuring the uniquely indie, Detroit rap star. The documentary takes you behind the scenes as the famed rapper prepares to take the stage at the Majestic Theatre in his very own hometown. Like any return to the place you grew up, the journey is filled with hilarious stories of youthful misdeeds, wrestling with a new and more honest assessment of home and a deeper understanding of yourself. What Cohn delivers is both an intimate and poignant conversation with Brown and a wholly entertaining rock doc featuring explosive concert footage.





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