Russ Pope and Neil Blender Art Show at Artist Republic 4 Tomorrow

Viewers taking part in this exclusive and rare exhibition will get to see two of skateboarding's most influential artists side-by-side, with they're the seedy characters, loose, conservative lines and social themes. "Baggage Claim" explores social concepts in the two artists' complementary character-based themes and color palettes - which Pope says will come across as "darker" to those familiar with his work.

Pope and Blender conceived "Baggage Claim" together. Pope explains:  "It's claiming your baggage, claiming all your life's baggage. Usually the content of the things I'm working on are social commentary, things that happen in my life, like daily diaries, or what's happening in my environment that I'm reporting on. Making art and sharing it with people it is exposing yourself and putting yourself in a vulnerable position - politics, thoughts, even colors. Laying baggage out for all to see."

"Baggage Claim" opens Saturday, April 5th, 6 - 9pm with support from Pizza Port Brewing and Vans, along with a special DJ appearance by Lance Cyril Mountain.