Vans, the original action sports brand and icon of creative expression is proud to partner with New York fashion designer, Sandy Liang for a limited-edition collection of Classic footwear and apparel. Known for mixing materials like fleece and unique colors and print, Sandy Liang draws inspiration from her hometown, her grandma and the hand-me-downs from her youth.

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Today - 7/26
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south side of the pier
surf / film
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Today - 7/26

Sidestripe Sessions

Vans Sidestripe Sessions continues with the second half of Season 3 featuring performances from unique acts like Inglewood based rapper, D Smoke, California native Duckwrth, Soccer Mommy, Master Peace, and Bully. Read More

Sidestripe Sessions production took on the feat of filming remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing performances from California, Nashville, and as far as London, England while adhering to social distancing and ensuring safe production of the series.

Sidestripe Sessions will continue with remote filming of the two-song sessions featuring performances from Vans' extended family of musicians, backdropped by original art installations from rising artists. Season 3 is a global celebration of collaboration, diversity, and expression through music and art. Each session is unique in sight and sound. Subscribe to the playlist to never miss an episode!

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Creativity is an amazing thing that makes us feel better. Here’s some cool stuff from our friends.

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