Dear Vans Family,

We know how important small businesses are: We were one. You helped us become what we are, so we wanted to help our community and extended members of our Vans Family during this difficult time. We partnered with independent shops and community driven spaces to create custom footwear and apparel. Net proceeds* from the sale of each pair of these very special Vans Customs went directly to our small business partners to help them navigate these difficult times. With the purpose of enabling creative expression and continuing to champion inclusivity by supporting small businesses that are owned and operated by diverse communities, we thank you for lending a helping hand to our extended Family.

Steve Van Doren and the Foot the Bill team

Previous Partners

New businesses are added weekly to our website.

Supporters buy limited edition Vans footwear and apparel.

All net proceeds go directly to the businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vans Foot the Bill?

The Vans “Foot the Bill” initiative was created to help small businesses across the country in this unprecedented time. Each small business that is selected to participate will design their own Vans shoe and t-shirt to be offered for sale on (subject to Vans guidelines). Using our Vans Customs platform, consumers can customize and purchase each business’s design. Sales are based upon demand.

Which partners will you be supporting?

We are committed to supporting several local and community-driven small businesses including skate shops, music venues, art galleries, and restaurants. We hope this program will help our communities get through this difficult time.

What portion of the proceeds will be donated to each partner?

All net proceeds* go directly to the businesses.

How many pairs are being sold per partner?

Based on demand, Vans will be producing up to 1,000 pairs of Custom Vans shoes, and 250 t-shirts per partner.

How long will these designs be available to shop?

These one-of-a-kind designs will be available until the limit has been reached or the program ends. Once products are sold-out they will no longer be available. Be sure to get creative while supplies last!

How did you select the Foot the Bill Partners?

A judging panel of Vans representatives will use the following criteria to select each partner:

  • Degree to which the Nominated Business exemplifies the Vans commitment to creative expression and the “Off the Wall” spirit of creativity, authenticity, and passion.

  • Positive impact of Nominated Business on their surrounding community.

  • Strength and clarity of vision for projected use of monies received if Nominated Business is verified as a prize winner.

*All proceeds less the costs of production and shipment (based on the average for each product) will be paid to the local and community driven independent shops, restaurants, art galleries and music venues.