Vans Welcomes Lizzie Armanto to the Team

There’s no denying that 21-year-old Santa Monica native, Lizzie Armanto, is the gnarliest lady to ever skate transition and she’s got the accolades to prove having won nearly every women’s contest she’s entered including the 2013 and 2014 Van Doren Invitationals in Huntington Beach, CA, X-Games Gold in Women’s Skateboard Park in Barcelona as well as placing Top 10 in numerous men’s bowl contests.


With the addition of Lizzie to the skate program, Vans shows its ongoing commitment to the equality of women in skateboarding that dates back nearly 50 years to the brands inception while acknowledging and embracing the rapidly growing number of women skateboarders around the globe. 

“I’ve always been a Vans girl at heart,” Lizzie admits, “so getting on the Vans team is a similar feeling to that of smelling your favorite food; so a little warm and fuzzy on the inside with a dash of anticipation.”


“Not many people can claim to be the best in the world at something much less have the evidence to back it up. But Lizzie can and Lizzie is, and as such, Lizzie is an inspiration to girls and guys everywhere,” said Vans’ Justin Regan, “So the Vans team is honored to get some input from the world’s greatest female skateboarder on our footwear and apparel programs going forward.”