Grosso reflects on the crossover between skateboarding and popular culture.

Preston was traveling around the world shooting and making skate videos since the mid 90's. Here's a look back, starting with his first video, JUSTICE.

Preston logged more miles on the road and more hours behind the camera than anyone in skateboarding. We dug into the files to show you some of the good times we shared out there.

You all asked for more Lee Ralph so here you go... Lee talks about Dave Andrecht and how amazing his backside airs were back in 1980.

The Lance Mountain Love Letter continues with Lance showing some love for 70's pro skater Darrell Miller. Darrell was one of the first pros to give Lance boards- he also came up with the Miller Flip. Watch and learn some skate history direct from Lance Mountain.

Tony Alva turned 60 a few days ago and still rips. We wanted to mark the occasion with a special edition half hour Love Letter to the Master of Style and longevity. Here's the trailer to get you stoked- full length coming Dec. 2017.

Back in 2009 Lance Mountain set out to make a TV show to pay respect to the generation of skaters from the late 1970’s. Guys like Bobby Valdez and Darrell Miller who didn’t become household names but nonetheless had a huge impact on Lance and skateboarding in general. The show never happened but we found all the footage and decided to cut the story together. Here it is... The Origin of the Love Letters with Lance Mountain - Part 1.

Everyone loves stickers! Grosso takes a minute to give some love to them.

Dogtown moves to SF and puts together a new team

Scott Oster, Eric Dressen & Julien Stranger sit along side Jim 'Red Dog' Muir to tell all about Dogtown History, the rises and falls between eras.

Grosso talks about his all time favorite skate photo of Mark Sinclair- and adds an epic Salba pic because it's impossible to just pic one... what's yours?

Skateboarder Magazine was the bible for skating back in the 1970's- Grosso sits down with Steve Olson, Eric Dressen, Jim Muir, Chris Strople and others to talk about the magic of print. Check out the entire archive of Skateboarder Magazine's Vol 1- Vol 6 online at

Before cell phones, the internet and skate videos magazine reigned supreme... In this episode Grosso examines the birth of skateboarding in old skate mags from the 1970's with some of the pioneers who were there. Steve Olson, Chris Strople, Bill Sharp, John Lucero and Lee Ralph are featured.

Grosso talks about as many of his favorite hand plants as he can remember in 1 minute.

Grosso sits down with Jerry Hsu to talk about skating, parents and rad Asian skaters.....

From Shogo Kubo and Tom Inouye to Lester Kasai and Christian Hosoi and many others. This one goes out to Asian skaters. This is part one of two.

Grosso & Lee Ralph catch up in New Zealand.

Part 2 of 2 - Another 10 minutes of Cardiel shredding from the archives.

Loveletters Season 8 Premiere, Cardiel rips then and now - ALL HAIL CARDIEL, Part 1 of 2.

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