For 2020, Vans Checkerboard Day’s mission was to champion the power of creativity as an outlet for mental health. We also helped amplify the mission of our 10 charity partners worldwide whose shared purpose is to use programs focused on creativity as resources for coping with the stressors that impact mental health and well-being. Vans and fans across the world helped raise over $1 million USD so each organization can expand their services and resources to help the growing number of mental health concerns through creative outlets such as art, music and action sports.

2019: celebrate creativity

For the inaugural Vans Checkerboard Day in 2019, we donated over $1 million to Imagination.org to help them foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids all over the world. With the donation, they increased the number of Creativity Chapters globally and strengthened their educational programming in over 20 countries. Now more than 10,000 kids around the world get more access to creative play opportunities, that’s rad! Since Checkerboard Day, Imagination.org has received over 60 new Creativity Chapter applications and now have 190 Chapters in their worldwide network.

Checkerboard Fund

The Vans Checkerboard Fund was established to aid our ability to support nonprofit organizations that enable creative self-expression through art, music, action sports or street culture.