Sidestripe Story – The Sk8-Hi

As one of Vans’ most iconic style, the Sk8-Hi has been a staple for skateboarders since the 70s. Formerly known as the “Style 38”, the Sk8-Hi was a groundbreaking style that took which took the skate functionality to a new level – above the ankle. From early skateboarding to customization to today’s demanding level of riding in both skateboarding and BMX, the Sk8-Hi remains one of the most relevant styles.

A new classic in the footsteps of the Old Skool, the Sk8-Hi busted through the doors of the Anaheim, California, organization founded in 1966 as the Van Doren Rubber Company. What had started as a random doodle by Paul Van Doren became the representative symbol of Vans in the shape of a stripe. Together with a handful of other Vans Classics styles, the Sk8-Hi remains as a quintessential ambassador of the sidestripe aesthetic and the Vans brand heritage.

Explore the history of the Sk8-Hi in a timeline that highlights the iconic silhouette’s role in Vans’ heritage.