February 13th, 2020



Few styles are as immediately recognizable as the Vans Checkerboard Slip-On. The Classic Slip-On first appeared in 1977. After noticing kids adding checks all over their shoes, the Van Dorens introduced the Checkerboard pattern in the early 1980's. The Checkerboard Slip-On soon became a global icon for the Vans brand thanks to its inclusion in the cult classic film,  Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

For the first time since the film’s premiere, Vans is reissuing a limited-edition Fast Times Slip-On through its Anaheim Factory Collection, celebrating the shoe’s transcendence to popular culture and its all-time classic styling. 


The Checkerboard Slip-On’s film appearance cemented Vans’ place as a staple of Southern California style. In celebration of the film’s release, Steve Van Doren made a limited run of Fast Times Slip-Ons to give away at the Hollywood premiere. The limited nature of the Fast Times design has become one of the most covetable archived styles of the Vans Checkerboard Slip-On. Vans brings back the silhouette in its original design and construction method within the Anaheim Factory Collection.

The Vans Anaheim Factory Slip-On 98 DX uses 10 oz. heavy weight Checkerboard canvas uppers and a higher foxing stripe. Like each shoe in the initial promotional run released in 1982, the new Fast Times Checkerboard Slip-On is characterized by a wraparound Fast Times print along the foxing of the vulcanized waffle sole. The shoe has been modernized for today with a Vans UltraCush™ footbed for ultimate comfort. 


You’ll have to act fast -- the Vans Anaheim Factory Slip-On is now available for a limited time. 





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