is a non-profit that finds, fosters and funds creativity and entrepreneurship in children around the world.

Our impact

With our $1 million donation of sales from Vans retail stores and, will be able to form 100 new chapters globally and further expand and strengthen the activities undertaken by its 150 current chapters active in 20 countries, directly impacting 10,000 young people.

will be donated to nonprofit on Vans Checkerbard Day!

Get Involved

Help us celebrate! We want everyone to get out, get creative, and get involved in their communities.

Bid on one-of-a-kind products, customized specfically for Vans Checkerboard Day to benefit

Bid on one-of-a-kind products, customized specfically for Vans Checkerboard Day to benefit


4 reasons why creativity matters

Creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future. The ability to dream, take chances, and create the things we imagine. These are the skills of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers. Children are born with these exceptional talents, but research shows that over time they begin to lose them.

What does the evidence say? Creativity is recognized as one of the most critical skills for the next generation. Its value reaches well beyond the arts to affect every discipline and numerous industries. The future requires people who can problem-solve, adapt and communicate in workplaces and environments that are increasingly complex.

Are we facing a crisis in creativity? Creativity is critically valuable, but research indicates it’s been declining significantly on a global scale over the last 20 years. This decline is evident in the challenges children are facing in school, life and work.

Creative Play: Use an Old Vans Box to Create Something New! Give a child a cardboard box and some inspiration and imagination comes to life. We call this Creative Play, and fueling it is one of the most important things we can do to prepare children for the future. It prepares kids to be next-generation innovators.

66 ways to get involved

Shake things up this Checkerboard Day: get out and get creative! We've come up with 66 ways to get you started, but don't let us limit you!


66 Ways To Get Involved

  • 1. Join an Imaginaton chapter in your area or start your own.

  • 2. Customize a pair of Vans.

  • 3. Go to and do the Cardboard Challenge.

  • 4. Head to your local Vans for an activity zine.

  • 5. Swap books from friends or create a free mini library.

  • 6. Learn how to make a no-sew blanket and give it to someone in need.

  • 7. Visit a local art gallery or museum you haven't been to before.

  • 8. Organize a group in your community to paint a mural.

  • 9. Create a flyer of good deeds and post them around your neighborhood.

  • 10. Take a hike and document it. Pick up trash along the way.

  • 11. Start a local book club and make new friends.

  • 12. Donate your day to a local organization supporting creativity.

  • 13. Teach art classes at your community center or school.

  • 14. Organize a beach clean up, then go for a surf.

  • 15. Start a community garden.

  • 16. Upcyle your old pair of Checkerboard Vans.

  • 17. Wear all the checkerboard in your closet.

  • 18. Give yourself a checkerboard manicure.

  • 19. Start a zine with your friends.

  • 20. Learn how to create an origami checkerboard with a friend.

  • 21. Create a scrapbook with recycled materials and your favorite pics.

  • 22. Take some sidewalk chalk to a park and make some art with new friends.

  • 23. Learn a new instrument or take a music class.

  • 24. Go skateboard.

  • 25. Host an impromptu talent show with your friends.

  • 26. Build the ultimate fort out of pillows and sheets and do some crafts inside.

  • 27. Bring older clothing items back to life, host a tie-dye party and invite pals.

  • 28. Make a video at your favorite skate spot with your crew.

  • 29. Host a cookie decorating contest with friends.

  • 30. Have a checkerboard themed photoshoot with your friends.

  • 31. Start a journal and ask 10 friends for prompts.

  • 32. Grab your board or bike and invent a new trick.

  • 33. Host a pizza making contest. Bonus points for checkerboard designs.

  • 34. Rewrite the lyrics to your favorite song and make a music video.

  • 35. Paint an old pair of Vans to give them new life.

  • 36. Dye your hair a bold new color.

  • 37. Go to a concert for an artist you're not familiar with.

  • 38. Create a photo scavenger hunt to see how can find the most checkerboard.

  • 39. Make up a new dance and do it in funny places.

  • 40. Gather old magazines and newspaper to create a collage.

  • 41. Do a creativity swap with friends to teach each other something new.

  • 42. Come up with new illustrations for a book you've read.

  • 43. Make a giant checkerboard arrangement.

  • 44. Customize a deck of cards and invite friends over for a game night.

  • 45. Give your skate deck a checkerboard inspired upgrade.

  • 46. Upcycle old t-shirts into a checkerboard quilt.

  • 47. Start a photography club with weekly prompts.

  • 48. Collect cardboard, bottles, and cartons for recycling, then build & paint a futuristic city.

  • 49. Write a poem and leave it tucked in a favorite book at your local library.

  • 50. Create a penpal chain for you and 5 friends and send the first letter package.

  • 51. Organize a weekly creative night with friends. Take turns each week coming up with project themes.

  • 52. Make checkerboard ice cubes for a drink.

  • 53. Volunteer to build imagination kits at an imagination chapter.

  • 54. Recycle old wood to build a ramp to skate or bike on.

  • 55. Make a movie with friends and hold a movie screening to watch it together.

  • 56. Paint over unused stickers and draw your own designs.

  • 57. Apply checkerboard eyeshadow.

  • 58. Take a vision walk and photograph your surroundings.

  • 59. Give someone a music lesson.

  • 60. Organize a DIY music show at your home to perform with friends. Spread the word and get a crowd.

  • 61. Organize a DIY music show at your home to perform with friends. Spread the word and get a crowd.

  • 62. Create a beat using sounds you record from things you find in your closet.

  • 63. Draw a picture using only a permanent marker. Pass it to a buddy to color in.

  • 64. Take turns with friends shooting photos on a disposable camera.

  • 65. Learn to code and build a website for something you love.

  • 66. Change the rules of an existing board game to create a new game.