Andrew Allen


Andrew Allen

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HOMETOWN: San Juan Capistrano, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Los Angeles, California 
DATE OF BIRTH: March 12, 1986 
INSTAGRAM: @andrewb.allen

Andrew Allen | Shore Break Baby | VANS

Originally published on Aug 26, 2011 - This week we visit beautiful San Juan capistrano to spend the day with Andrew Allen, actual shorebreak baby.

Andrew Allen Talks About His 411 | Adventures With Chris | VANS

Since filming is in full swing for the Vans video we've taken the opportunity to sit some of the team down to look behind the skating of some of their earlier parts. Long before the days of hourly skate footage flooding on the internet there was only one source for regular video updates: 411 Video Magazine. The bi-monthly VHS video magazine 411 was the defacto source for what tricks were going down around the globe and a way to make a name for yourself before high speed connections. Today Anti Hero's Andrew Allen takes a long, hard look at his 411 part and laughs.