Our flagship Infuse boot represents the pinnacle of dynamics and performance for Vans. Developed and now proven to over-deliver in every detail, it offers the ultimate in customized fit, unlimited all-terrain adaptability, and comfort.

The Vans Hybrid Plus technology revolutionizes closure accuracy and flex variability in the same system. Built on Vans’ original, industry-first Hybrid Boa, the idea of a closure system has expanded into a tool for flex control.

Making its return to the collection, the V3 co-molded cork and recycled EVA footbed offers premium tech benefits for riders who demand high- level performance from their boots.

Removable high-rebound Hytrel® tongue stiffeners allow riders to custom-tune boot flex. Slide them both in for maximum support, use just one to increase either lateral or medial response, or leave them out entirely for a softer-flexing boot. As boots soften up over the course of a season, you can add the tongue stiffeners back in to extend the life of your boots.