Meet the Waffleheads

Saturday, November 16 | 6 PM - 10 PM |  RSVP HERE


Waffleheads pays tribute to stories that convey Vans’ rich history of creativity highlighting individuals whose collections and creative philosophies have authentically defined Vans as a literal canvas to their expression. Bill Cruz, Charlene Holy Bear, Henry Davies, Panda Mei and Penelope Gazin, have carved their own space in sneaker culture through distinctive journeys of collecting, customizing and creating founded on Vans’ iconic sneaker design. Meet the Waffleheads at House of Vans Chicago on 11/16 from 6pm until 10pm.

Saturday, November 16 | 6 PM - 10 PM |  RSVP HERE


House of Vans Chicago
113 N. Elizabeth St. 
Chicago IL 60607