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when you wake up at 4am & the wifi doesn't work. #shanghaijetlagisreal

FeaturedPia Vinson@piavinson

Born and raised in France, Pia Vinson started training in dance at a young age. Now based in Los Angeles she devotes her time to choreographing, performing and modeling. Showcasing her work in several venues and festivals across the United States and France, she explores many realms within dance, never limiting herself to one thing.

FeaturedHarvy Moon@harvymoon

Harvy Moon spends his days photographing and styling in Los Angeles. Originally from Fargo, North Dakota he transplanted to Southern California and plans to stay. With an eye for color, his photography envelops you in a dreamy mood. Harvy adds his own flair to the fashion world and continues to embark on creative pursuits every day.

FeaturedTierney Moses@tierneymoses

Tierney Moses is a creator of all things art, some of which include oil painting, digital textile design, charcoal drawing and woodworking. When she’s not immersed in her work you can find her surfing along the coast of San Diego, skateboarding, or recording her first EP. Listen below to a song from the EP.