Wade Goodall

Wade Goodall’s approach to surfing is to that of a mad scientist.

Wade’s skewed aerial variations and mind-bending barrel riding skills have earned him a spot among the best “all-around” surfers in the world. 

Wade thrust himself on to the international surf scene by winning the Australian Pro Junior title, but it wouldn’t be contest results that dictated his future success. Wade’s penchant for creative, above-the-lip surfing was way ahead of the judging criteria, and restraining his creativity with a contest singlet would have been a great injustice to us all. With contests behind him, Wade’s freed up schedule allowed him to travel and test the old mettle in some massive barrels. His unique take on life separates him from the rest of his peers, adding a new and refreshing prospective on professional surfing. Wade’s artistic views and brilliant surfing has many waiting to see what he’ll do next.


Music/bands you like:

Blues, Metal. 

Inspirational people:

Bill Murray, Jean Michel Basquiat, Ozzy Osbourne, Eric Clapton. 

Health food or Junk food?:

Health Food

Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:


Tubes or Turns?:

Tubes, For eternity