Nathan Florence

Nathan Florence is a charger, no question about it.

He loves his home on the north shore and traveling to new places. Something about the Florence's is that they have so much energy, and Nathan is no exception. The whole brother trio is a joy to watch because they all have similarities but they are also very unique in theire own way. They each have their own style and Nathan is sometimes the live wire of the bunch. His surfing is equally quick and spontaneous. He’ll also pull a prank or two with his brothers, which provides a colorful time with them.  Nathan also enjoys skateboarding, hiking, and riding his bike at full speed. Nathan is not far behind his brother John, and there is nothing better than having an older brother to push the limits with. He's athletic, full of fire, and the ability is there.


Music/bands you like:

I like all kinds of music

Inspirational people:

Nathan Fletcher, Andy Irons, Shane Dorien, Bruce Lee, IP Man

Health food or Junk food?:


Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:


Tubes or Turns?: