Kalani Chapman

When it comes to the current North Shore rippers, Kalani Chapman is one of the best and most committed out there.

Born on the Seven Mile Miracle and bred by its crew of elite surfers, Kalani has proven he is a force to be reckoned with, surfing some of the nastiest beasts to roll through Pipe.


Music/bands you like:

Rap, Hawaiian, old punk, dub step, reggae, Lil Wayne, 2 PAC, Kanye West

Inspirational people:

my brother Shawn Briley, my uncle's, owl and Gary Chapman, Kelly slater, The Duke, Mike and Derek Ho, Nate Fletcher, and Jamie O'Brien, Salvador Dali, Wyland, Lasson, Drew Toons.

Health food or Junk food?:

Health food, your health is your wealth.

Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:


Tubes or Turns?: