Josh Mulcoy

Josh Mulcoy is born and raised in Santa Cruz, California.

He grew up under the tutelage of his father, who taught him respect and how to ride the tube. Josh learned to surf in Santa Cruz, but has since traveled the world searching out the best, remote waves he can find. Josh has surfed professionally for the last 18 years and been a professional kitesurfer for the last 9. He has traveled the globe doing these sports and has dedicated his life to surfing and a lifestyle that allows him to be in the ocean.


Music/bands you like:

James McMurtry and Talking Heads

Inspirational people:

My Dad

Health food or Junk food?:

Health food, but definitely candy after

Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:

Cold Climate, less people and better scenery

Tubes or Turns?:

Tubes please