Jared Mell

Surfing’s wild affair with Jared Mell started way back in 2006.

At the time, Jared was sleeping on Alex Knost’s couch in Newport, CA. Just 18 years old, but born with cat-like paws, perfect for prowling a log effortlessly, as well as instincts to match. These days, Jared’s bringing old school to a new surfing world order. From zero to a hundred in the blink of and eye, Jared’s passport is now filled to the brim with stamps from traveling the globe; brandishing his smooth style and switch skill, whilst gaining a solid reputation and breaking hearts along the way."


Music/bands you like:

Jonathan Richman, Marvin Gaye, The Memories, Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Chaka Kahn

Inspirational people:

Bob Marley, James Brown, Alrik Yuill, Don Carlos Orozco

Health food or Junk food?:

Whatever, I love both

Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:

warm water, putting wet wetsuits not cool, frozen body parts not cool.

Tubes or Turns?:

I can't turn that well hahah, tubes