Ivan Florence

Ivan Florence is a hard charging young goofy foot that has style to spare.

He’s the youngest of the Florence brothers, and the quietest. Living with his two older brothers John John and Nathan have added some serious fire to his surfing. His backyard and local surf spot is Pipeline and Eukai. He is the lone goofy footer in the family and has got some mean maneuvers for sure. He has the genes, the family support, and a mother who not only rips but also is the utmost supporter and encourager of his skills. Aside from surfing he loves to skate and has a nice bag of tricks in that department. He loves music, drawing and is a constant hive of activity. 


Music/bands you like:

Black Sabbath

Inspirational people:

My brothers & Greyson Fletcher

Health food or Junk food?:

Healthy junk food

Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:

Both, warm & cold

Tubes or Turns?: