Dylan Graves

Born into a family of talented surfers, Dylan Graves was born and raised in the surf around Isablea, Puerto Rico, where he became a young stand-out among several other up and coming island surfers.

A local at Jobos Beach (Playa Jobos) from an early age, Graves honed his effortless style and poise in the high performance sand bars ubiquitous to his corner of the island. Leaving competitive surfing behind, Dylan has been out exploring and traveling to new places looking for empty waves and adventures!


Music/bands you like:

what's your mom's favorite band?… that's my favorite band

Inspirational people:

Gavin Beschen, Wade Goodall, Ricardo Cavolo, Darth Vader, Ron Swanson

Health food or Junk food?:

Both, I love all food

Surf trips, Cold climate or tropical?:

Both I love surf trips

Tubes or Turns?:

Both I love it all, suck it