Gary Young

Speed, power, and vigor accurately describe Gary Young on a bicycle.

Gary rides a bicycle like a vehicle with the gas pedal stuck wide open. Although mild mannered and unimaginably considerate and kind, when Gary gets on his bike it is similar to any high speed chase that you can see on TV in his home city of San Diego. Gary won the 2013 X-Games Gold in BMX Park in Barcelona.


What shoe do you ride?

The Half Cab Pro’s

What shoe do you chill in?

Checkered slip-ons. Spicoli’s.

What’s your bike set-up?

Sunday Soundwave with Odyssey parts. It’s setup to go fast and since I hate working on my bike everything is built to last.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?

A road trip up the west coast with a bunch of my friends and we just camped where ever we ended up that night.

What is the best story you’ve ever heard or been told?

So Cory Nastazio was at a Gentlemen’s club and it’s dark in there. He looks to his right and sees this guy that is ripped next to him and tells him that he has a nice arm. The guy gets offended and punches Cory. Cory jumps up and gives the guy a quick 1-2 punch and suddenly Cory gets dragged out of the club by security. Then security asks him why he got into a fight with a one armed man? Cory is in complete disbelief at this point. It turned out the guy that he got into the fight with, only had one arm, so that guy thought Cory was just making fun of him.

Favorite Vans rider?


What trick can’t you do that you wish you could?

Ice 180’s.

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

My father passed away when I was 10.

What are some interests outside of bmx?

Surfing, Cars, Electronics and Economics.

Last good book you read or magazine you looked at?

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and Ride BMX

Five songs that have to be on a mix tape?

Delilah by Dirty Sweet

Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin

Iron Man by Black Sabbath

A Ha Take on me

99 Problems by Jay Z

Where do you see yourself in five years?

That is a damn good question.

Five essentials for any road trip?

Bike, phone, sleeping bag, headphones, and travel pillow.