Cory "Nasty" Nastazio

From the second Cory Nastazio walks in the room he sends off an unmistakable energy that makes you want to watch and be a part of the circus that accompanies his life.

He has had countless reality shows, has been on TMZ, and come back from so many life threatening injuries that there is no doubting he lives his life in a way authors write about. Now has a family, two kids, and a Radio Talk Show, but still loves to ride his little kid bmx bike.


What shoe do you ride in?


What shoe do you chill in?

all of them

Whats your bike set up?

21 front end 14 And a quarter backend 23 1/2 pounds And BLACK Back wheels chrome for good traction on stopping

Whats the best trip you’ve been on?


What is the best story you’ve ever heard or been told?

Me telling you about hooking up  transvestites lol

Favorite Vans Rider?

Steve Cabellero, Christian Hosoi the Tony alva

What trick cant you do that you you wish you could?

360 bar spun two down wipe

Whats the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

car Accident, best friend broke his neck

What are some interest outside of bmx?

Work out, surf, ride my Harley Davidson, Radio show

Last good book you read or magazine you looked at?

Martin Luther King book with my son

Five Songs That have to be on a mix tape?

I just dance the way I feel song DLS song I see a red door and I want to paint it Black song Eminem Electronica and Indy

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Endorsing the brands i ride for As an entertainer and bike rider Pushing the sport BMX dirt always good Father husband human being

Five essentials for any road trip?

Pillow from home iPod carry Vans riding shoes and a pair for nighttime not riding chillin looking steezy as  shitballs!