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Mike Ravelson

Mike Ravelson

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The guy who looks like he’s having the most fun? That would be Rav. Like many before him, his upbringing on east coast ice meant that Mike became a master of board control out of pure necessity. But rather than apply those skills to standard trickery, he takes an approach to all terrain that’s truly one-of-a-kind. In various videos and online edits, he’s purposely blurring the line between technical skill and letting loose. In the process he’s made a smooth transition from amateur prospect to up-and-coming pro.

HOMETOWN: Shrewsbury, MA
DATE OF BIRTH: March 15, 1990
INSTAGRAM: @mikerave

LANDLINE. Raw Files: Michael Ravelson | Snow | VANS

Check out the raw uncut footage of Michael Ravelson from LANDLINE.