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Mary Rand

Mary Rand

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As an original member of the Yawgoons, Mary took the internet by storm, with each highly anticipated edit making waves among snowboarding’s underground before eventually being accepted across the industry as some of the most innovative riding to date. Her new fame unlocked fresh opportunity in the snowboard film industry and landed her a full part in 2015’s cult hit, Rendered Useless, which led to the tremendous honors of Women’s Rookie of the Year and Women’s Reader’s Choice awards from Transworld Snowboarding. Bubbly and outgoing, Mary’s personality contradicts her stoic approach to snowboarding, where fear is not a limiting factor in getting the shot she envisions in her mind.

HOMETOWN: Narragansett, Rhode Island
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Seattle, Washington
INSTAGRAM: @bigairmare

Listen to the Eyes | A Vans Womens Snowboarding Team Film | Vans

Vans proudly announces the full length film, Listen to the Eyes, the brand’s first womens snowboarding team film. Directed by legendary snowboard filmmaker, Jake Price, Listen To The Eyes is shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film throughout the Pacific Northwest and features Vans global snow team riders Hana Beaman and Mary Rand, as well as Canadian snow team rider Leanne Pelosi. With an original soundtrack scored by Vans Europe surf team rider Lee Ann Curren, this short-length project showcases Vans’ athletes' creative expression both on and off the snow. Original soundtrack scored by Lee Ann Curren.