Vault by Vans X Gallery Dept. OG Old Skool LX Shoe


Vault by Vans X Gallery Dept. OG Old Skool LX Shoe


1. Color - Black/True White

2. Size -


Vault by Vans is excited to unveil its first collaboration with Josué Thomas, multidisciplinary artist and owner and creative director of influential, thought-provoking brand Gallery Dept. Founded in Los Angeles in 2017, Gallery Dept. fuses Josué’s love of vintage clothing and art into one cohesive vision. With each garment, Josué strives to re-purpose and re-imagine with the goal of creating compelling products without sacrificing quality or artistic integrity.

Vault by Vans x Gallery Dept. draws on both brands’ DNA, tapping into Josué’s nostalgic memories of wearing Vans and drawing inspiration from punk show flyers. A fine art print made up of magazine clippings titled “Good Luck” was created by Josué as he reflected on his views of today’s societal landscape and partnered with Vans to provide a new take on the Old Skool silhouette.

  • Elevated suede and leather uppers

  • Digitally printed quarters

  • Plush Sidestripe™

  • Greased sidewalls

  • Lace-up closure

  • Contrast white stitching

  • Signature rubber waffle outsole

  • Alternate shoelace provided