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Slip-On Mule TRK Shoe


Slip-On Mule TRK Shoe


Color: Marshmallow


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Meet the Slip-On Mule TRK. With a chopped heel cup and improved fit and function, it’s the latest iteration of the world’s #1 beach shoe. The Slip-On TRK was born from purpose, a direct ask from our global surf team to explore what a “shoe sandal” might look like. The end result was a one-piece, fully-hoseable, easily packable shoe that could be worn in a variety of environments—the city, the mountains, the beach.

  • BIG-TIME TRACTION - Improved traction, thanks to the oversized reverse waffle sole.

  • BREATHABLE AND RINSABLE - Drainage holes mean that whatever goes in goes right back out.

  • A ONE-PIECE, SOLID, DURABLE DESIGN - A single-piece injected construction makes the Slip-On TRK collapsible and packable, while the mule styling improves fit and function.

  • CHECKERBOARD PRINT - Our iconic checkerboard pattern enhances the “Off The Wall” look