Nathan Fletcher Pack

Nathan Fletcher is without a doubt, a living legend! From 1-foot waves to 100, there isn’t anywhere on the planet where you won’t see Nathan dragging an amalgamation of experimental surf equipment to get it done. 


The self-proclaimed “hobo gangster” requires comfort in all situations, so he chose the brand new Easy-Fit Aldrich style for the latest Vans Surf collection, the Nathan Fletcher Pack. Nathan’s pick for the roomier Aldrich style includes Vans’ comfortable UltraCush Eco footbed and the offering is rounded out with a classic La Costa sandal style for when things get tropical. 

Aldrich – New Men’s Style! 
A classic low-top style designed with the roomier Easy-Fit construction, along with the UltraCush Eco footbed.

The Cherokee-bred wave chaser handpicked the ancestral tribal patterns and color schemes used throughout the collection, tying the three styles together for one functional yet cohesive look.

The complete Nathan Fletcher Pack is available now, and includes the new Aldrich in two colors, and the La Costa sandal featuring the unifying native textile across the strap.