October 23, 2018

Can't Steal Our Vibe


The “Can’t Steal Our Vibe” documentary film follows a grassroots initiative unifying two cultures worlds apart through a common love of wave riding. 

Cant Steal Our Vibe


The mission of the Positive Vibe Warrior Foundation is to inspire individuals to make a positive impact within their communities. In 2017, professional surfers PVW co-founders Patrick, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas along with South African pro, Michael February, hosted a surfboard drive to benefit the Waves For Change organization in Cape Town, South Africa. Their goal was to provide surf equipment to the youngsters coming out of the poorest townships in the region and provide a positive outlet for them to overcome the adversities of poverty, violence and abuse.  

“You give someone a surfboard, it can change their life forever."

– Dane Gudauskas, Positive Vibe Warrior Foundation Co-Founder

Tag along on an adventure from San Clemente, California to Cape Town as the G-Boys and Michael February immerse themselves into the vibrant culture of South Africa in hopes of sparking the next generation of young surfers.  



Starring: Patrick Gudauskas, Dane Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Michael February, Tim Conibear and the Waves for Change Organization. Directed by:  Graham Nash. Executive Producers: Jamie Reilly, Nick Street, Scott Sisamis, Bobby Gascon, Jared Abe, Kevin Casillo

“I wish the next generation to not have the struggle that we have now.”

–Guyver, Waves For Change Instructor

Donate to Waves for Change 

Vans is donating all proceeds from the iTunes sales of Can’t Steal our Vibe to Waves for Change, a nonprofit that promotes wellness through surfing in communities impacted by violence and conflict. You can donate too, by clicking here.


Cant Steal Our Vibe


Check out full interviews with the Wave for Change team on our Vans Surf Tumblr.

Michael February

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to give children the gift of surfing?

It all starts with a surfboard and a little bit of time. If you can take even 5 minutes to help a struggling kid in the water or take a friend surfing for the first time, it could be the start of something amazing! I mean, that's how we all started. 

Dane Gudauskas 

Did you get to know any of the kids in the film's stories? 

Just looking into their eyes and seeing so much tension, pain and experience well beyond their age and small frames. To hear about the violence and hardships those kids are exposed to in the townships each and every day cut into your soul.  It was very emotional. 

Patrick Gudauskas

What is it about surfing that is so magical to everyone who sees it?

Surfing is the ultimate equalizer.  Anyone who enters into the water gives up personal control because the power of the ocean takes over.  You have to trust the ocean and respect it in so many different ways that it truly is liberating. I think this freedom that you experience when you go surfing is one of the most special things in the universe and anyone who gets to feel that is hooked for life.

Tanner Gudauskas

What was the most impactful moment for you personally while filming CSOV?

During the filming, it was unbelievable to see where the kids were coming from that live in the townships and work at the camps with Waves For Change. Cape Town is such a diverse area; it was really special to go to the townships and meet the instructors at their houses, go to the schools and pick the kids up and head to the beach. It gave a lot of perspective to how important the community Waves For Change is creating and how great the ocean is to have and be able to share with friends.