March 13, 2019

Porous Walker and Todd Francis present FOOLS    

March 21st Opening
 7 PM - 10 PM - RSVP Now!

Community Customization Social

Porous Walker and Todd Francis present FOOLS, an art show highlighting the artists' mutual love of irreverence, bad situations and bodily functions. Shown will be all new works never before seen by mankind, as well as a large collection of unique, signed and numbered products designed as gifts for the April Fools in your life.

FOOLS launches with a March 21st opening at 1700 Naud Gallery in Los Angeles, an evening that will be filled with music, food, laughter and lamentation. The show will run until March 28th and is in partnership with Vans.

March 21st Opening
7 PM - 10 PM

1700 Naud Gallery
Los Angeles, CA