That’s a Wrap: Final Stop Recap—2016 Vans Hi-Standard Series at Camp of Champions, Whistler, B.C, Canada

The 2016 Vans Hi-Standard Series Vans went all out for its final event at Camp of Champions (C.O.C.) in Whistler B.C. on July 1st expanding to two days and bringing out Vans pros Jake Kuzyk, Dillon Ojo, Mary Rand, Phil Jacques and Blake Paul to shred with the kids.

The 13-stop international tour, where style is everything and nothing over a 720 counts, saw world-class grassroots events go off in the United States, Canada, France, China and South Korea and over $60,000 in cash prizes doled out mostly in $5-bills to riders of all ages and abilities—purely in the name of fun.


The tour’s epic finale kicked off with a skate jam on June 30th in the newly expanded Whistler Skate Park, where Vans brought out live music, prizes for the kids and everyone’s favourite: Vans waffle sole waffles. Everyone had a killer time and picked up their jerseys in anticipation for the next day’s session at the world-class C.OC. park up on Blackcomb’s Horstman Glacier.

On July 1st, campers awoke to warm temps, classic West Coast fogged-out conditions and poor visibility, but with guest MC Renee Renee on the mic getting everyone amped, it almost felt like it was sunny for the Big Air Jam until a few mandatory weather breaks caused things to slow down temporarily.


Thankfully, the campers got a chance to hang with all their heroes and voice their opinions on “Style is Everything” for a Vans video to be released next season. And soon after, when the fog cleared and the session resumed, the $5-bills were flying freely once again, rewarding fun and style with cold, hard cash.

“It was really cool to see the kids ride,” says Phil Jacques. “You could tell that there was no pressure and that they were having fun just trying to do better than their last try. I think everybody went home a winner.”


Jacques says he loves the fact that the focus is on style and not necessarily the greatest trick.


“I find that cool because it teaches the young kids to learn the basics with board control and style instead of going for it with a 1080.”


Camper Lucas Bradley took home the most $5-ers out of anyone—$125—and earned MVP for his hard work in the Big Air Jam. And like all other stops of the Vans Hi-Standard Series, next came the highlight of the day: the Van Doren Rail Best Trick, where another $500 was up for grabs on the rail section that featured a down-flat-down rail and a flat rail with a donkey.


Here, it was Jaden Chomlack’s Noseslide 50-50 to Frontside 360 out that earned him the Van Doren Rail Best Trick and $150 . Camper Cameron Spalding took the Standout Grom Award and $50. And for pretty much destroying everything, Jasper Fast ended up as Van Doren Rail Best Trick MVP, taking home the big prize of the day: $300.


Dillon Ojo says that the vibe was amazing all day, chiefly because of how the Vans Hi Standard Series is run with a focus on fun.


“The vibes stayed super positive because none of the kids were stressing on winning,” Ojo says. “They all got a chance to have fun with each other and pocket a few bucks.”

The 2016 Vans Hi-Standard series has been supported by Transworld Snowboarding and King Snow and over the course of all international stops in the US, Canada, China, Korea and France, awarded over $60,000 in cash prizes, pushing riders to have a much fun as they can and get as creative as possible with their style—with no spins over a 720.


For more info on the Vans Hi-Standard Series and to see results, photos and recaps from every stop of the 2016 tour visit Hi-Stand Series online and check out #VANSHISTANDARD on Social Media.