February 4. 2021

Vault by Vans & Jimmy Gorecki Share “A ‘LOVE’ Story” in New JSP Collaboration

Vans is excited to partner with skater and entrepreneur Jimmy Gorecki of JSP (Jimmy Sweatpants) for the first-time to deliver a duo of sneakers celebrating Philadelphia skateboarding and the city’s world-renowned Love Park. Paying tribute to the gritty young energy of the legendary city blocks, Gorecki tapped local artist and skater Joe Lees to imprint his Philly hand style across two make-ups of the Chukka 79 VLT LX from the California footwear label’s Vault by Vans division.

The Vault by Vans x JSP “A ‘LOVE’ Story” Chukka 79 VLT LX is available February 10th, 2021, at Lapstone & HammerNocturnal and JSP.

Vault by Vans & Jimmy Gorecki Share “A ‘LOVE’ Story” in JSP Collaboration

For decades, the industrial landscape at Philadelphia’s 15th and JFK Blvd has provided an unexpected organic outlet for so many young folks raised on Philly’s unforgiving blocks. It’s been a needed distraction from the realities of the neighborhood. The young energy generated there is absolutely necessary. But like most municipalities’, it’s never been embraced by the local law makers, forcing the youth to break the already broken “rules” just to have a productive place of their own. That’s what this love story is about, perseverance, regardless of the circumstances. To get one’s energy and ideas out where they can be seen and succeed... even if only for one brief moment.


After making a name for himself in the early 2000s skating for the likes of Aesthetics, Zoo York and Ice Cream, Philadelphia native Jimmy Gorecki launched his namesake brand Jimmy Sweatpants (JSP) in 2013. Known for California-made basics — namely sweatpants — Gorecki has built a dedicated following for his high-quality woven textiles and is worn regularly by the likes of Lebron James and Lena Waithe. JSP has collaborated with a number of brands including Gino Iannucci’s Poets, Pleasures, Albino and Preto, Paper Planes, PS STIX, Paterson, BBC Icecream, and now Vans.

For the Vault by Vans x JSP project, Gorecki stays true to both his focus on quality textiles and his love for Philadelphia skateboarding, with a premium take on his favorite Vans silhouette, the Chukka Boot. Butter soft suede uppers in Marshmallow and Black play against a Crystal Blue translucent bumper and waffle sole, while a Racing Red checkerboard midsole sets things off with “JSP,” “215” and “LOVE” hits in a custom Philly hand style by Joe Lees. The tags are repeated on a matching Vans Ultracush® insole, driving home Gorecki’s love for the all the skaters who made the city blocks at 15th and JFK a place of legend. 



Completing the JSP design is a box dedicated to Gorecki’s close childhood friend, Philadelphia icon and former Vans skate team member, JR Neves, who passed away in 2009. 

“Vans is part of the DNA of who I am and the skate and fashion culture I was raised in. The Chukka boot signifies all of that to me. The heritage of it speaks to community and people I was influenced by as a kid. This is the greatest honor to share this opportunity with JSP, to keep visibility on the city and region that made me who I am today. “– Jimmy Gorecki

The Vault by Vans x JSP “A ‘LOVE’ Story” Chukka 79 VLT LX is available February 10th, 2021, at Lapstone & HammerNocturnal and JSP.



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