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JUNE 29, 2020


Creative Mind Jerry Hsu Shapes Limited-Edition Skate Capsule with an undercurrent of obscure ‘90s influence and a nod to digital tech give this simplistic collection a modern, retro twist. For Jerry, Sci-Fi Fantasy represents the opportunity to be creative in a different way. The Vans LTD x Sci-Fi Fantasy collection embraces that notion, injecting the brand’s simplistic, progressive style into a fresh offering. 

Founded on creative self-expression, Vans leans into Jerry’s mind-melting world of Sci-Fi and the places and eras in which he draws inspiration, recently captured in a short film following his creative process, and our latest limited-edition collection, Vans LTD x Sci-Fi Fantasy.

Vans Presents: Inside Jerry Hsu’s Sci-Fi Fantasy | Skate | VANS

A product of the ‘90s, Jerry Hsu and his small-batch brand, Sci-Fi Fantasy, stand for unapologetic, creative self-expression. Vans leans into his mind-melting world to understand the places, eras and principles from which he draws his inspiration. Directed by Patrick O’Dell For more on Justin Henry's World Peace collection visit For more on the Jerry Hsu’s Sci-Fi Fantasy collection visit Music Credits: Moss of Aura “Mirage"


There’s something to be said about creating, for creativity’s sake alone. Pro skater Jerry Hsu and his small-batch, LA-based apparel brand Sci-Fi Fantasy stand for those principles:

“Once you start worrying too much about what people want - if you just want to be creative and make cool stuff, you shouldn’t let that interfere with what you make.”



The collection leads with a two-tone Sk8-Hi Pro that takes direction from a pair of vintage shoes, reflected in the modern execution of retro colorways. Sci-Fi’s “X” logo —a nod to the brand’s affinity for ‘90s digital tech designs — appears on the quarter of the shoe, as well as across a jersey and hat in the collection. On the heel cup, “Sci-Fi” is printed on the left and “Fantasy” on the right.

Jerry also puts his spin on the Old Skool Pro in true blue and green, and the UltraRange Tri-Lock sandal in Sci-Fi Fantasy black.  A similar primary color palette carries over to the Vans x Sci-Fi Fantasy jersey, a vintage take on an athletic silhouette inspired by Jerry’s own collections from the ‘90s. “Generic Technology” is printed across the chest in Chinese, a common theme appearing across T-shirts and hoodies since the brand’s inception.




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