truth and Vans Morph Culture-Changing Art Into Bold Fashion Statement

When it comes to teen tobacco use, truth believes creativity speaks louder than words. That’s why truth partnered with Brooklyn-based graphic artist Kevin Lyons to create a one-of-a-kind mural of monsters inspired by the generation that will end smoking once and for all. The artwork was then turned into a limited-edition Vans shoe, released today.


Kevin painted the monster mural last month in Raleigh, NC – an area of the country with higher-than-average tobacco usage rates – and included empowering words submitted by teens across the country in support of truth’s award winning “Finish It” campaign. With the teen smoking rate now at 7 percent, Lyons’ cartoon “monsters” shout out what this generation can do to end tobacco for good, and encourage others to join the movement. Phrases like “Let’s Make History!” and “We that generation” came to life across the mural – and can now be seen on the feet of teens everywhere.

Witness the magical mural-to-shoe transformation in this video

The Kevin Lyons- designed Vans shoes are available now online and at all Vans stores in the USA.