Vans x Sketchy Tank

"My goal is to disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed, one graphic at a time." - Sketchy Tank

My name is Sketchy Tank. I’m an artist from Encinitas CA. My art is definitely not for everyone, and that’s probably the point. 

Sketchy Tank started as a folder on my computer called "The Sketchy Tank" where I stored disturbing images I found on the internet through various questionable blogs. Trashy people doing trashy things, twisted visuals of terrible tattoos, mixed with skateboarding, surfing and low brow art and design. The folder got to be over 1GB in size and I thought it would be rad to create a website to show the world this “sketchy tank” folder. I created a logo, bought the domain and posted away. It generated a lot of traffic quick. At the time, I was a freelance designer/illustrator so I would slide my designs in there too. The views grew daily and I started offering shirts with my art for sale. The rest happened really fast. I am still blown away that I am interviewing with you right now. 

My illustrations have a story behind them or a healthy dose of social commentary, designed to “disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed”.
The art is intended to create an emotion with like-minded people; the lurkers, the crass, the hellraisers, the class clowns, the weirdos and the disturbed. Essentially, it's for people who don't take things seriously and aren't trying to be cool. I never thought it would turn into “a brand” and I still don't think of it like that. This art was meant for a community of people, it was about them, so I eventually created an apparel and accessories line called Lurking Class by Sketchy Tank. I am the artist behind the line and together we are the Lurking Class.

I have been wearing Vans since I could walk. Still to this day, I get a euphoric feeling of nostalgia as a young skateboarder, when I see those checkered Sk8-Hi’s. I had been contacted by other shoe brands to work with but I always held out for Vans, the one that meant the most to me. This Sketchy Tank x Vans collaboration has been a straight dream come true.

Last year, we designed a full capsule with 3 shoes, 2 shirts, and a button up! This year we ramped up even more...I am honored to say that we have 2 shirts, a button up, a hat, a pair of boardshorts, a pair of slides and 3 shoes.

"The art is intended to create an emotion with like-minded people;  the lurkers, the crass, the hellraisers, the class clowns, the weirdos and the disturbed." 

For this collection I wanted to tie in Vans notorious checker pattern with some of my dark vibes, so I created a reaper wearing a checkered cloak as the main graphic.

For the slip on pro and skate hi pro I made a pattern of melting skulls inspired by 80’s skateboard graphics and horror films. This pattern also has a 3M reflective treatment making it light up at night when light or a flash hits them. An added layer of protection for those walking home from the bars at 2am.

I live in boardshorts half the year, so we made some along with “Lurker” slides and a snazzy hat. 

I am so stoked on this line and the collaboration! The VANS team is filled with amazingly talented people that I am proud to call friends. Massive thanks to all the lurkers out there that made this all possible.