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September 22, 2021

Vans x Rassvet First Ever Collaboration




Van and Rassvet (PACCBET), the leading Russian skate and fashion label have joined forces on a signature shoe in two colourways and a premium apparel and accessories collection.

Rassvet was founded in 2016 by a close-knit group of skaters lead by multidisciplinary artist Gosha Rubchinskiy and pro skater Tolia Titaev. PACCBET translates as dawn or sunrise in Russian, wholly reflected in the brand's status as being the leading light of the new wave of the Russian skate scene.  Rassvet has made a global impact by representing the aesthetic, style and visual language of the new generation of Russian skaters through co-founder Gosha's reappropriation and re-engineering of everyday skatewear classics.


With strong shared cultural values and mutual skate athletes of Val Bauer, Joseph Biais, Ignat Mazurin, Lillian Fev, Igor Smirnov, Alix Malnati and Kiril Gurin - this is an elevated partnership Vans are beyond proud to be a part of.

Featuring Vans' brand-new shoe - the Skate Bold - in two signature colorways, both featuring subtle sidewall prints, Checkerboard insoles and a gold woven PACCBET label on the tongue. Complimented by gold stitching and debossed logos - representative of PACCBET's skate heritage and fashion-forward direction.

For the apparel collection, Vans and Rassvet are elevating the game with a hero reversible jacket made from heavy oxford twill with printed signature artwork and an impactful graphic Vans Off The Wall tee. This premium apparel range is finished off with a heavy-duty skate duffel bag, keeping you on the road, from Russia to the world.


To celebrate the collaboration, Vans and Rassvet team riders came together in Moscow and the coast of the Black Sea in Novorossiisk for a two-week trip. Sea resort vibes and the busy streets of the Russian capital shaped this unique video portrait of the biggest country in the world. 




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