2017 Vans Park Series World Championship Tour Invitees Announced

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Vans Park Series
, the definitive World Championship park terrain skateboarding competition series for men and women, announces the pre-seeded World Championship Tour invitees in advance of the 2017 VPS Pro Tour series kick-off in Sydney, Australia on March 3-4

The following elite professional park terrain skateboarders will meet five VPS Continental Champions along with the top VPS Pro Tour Challengers to emerge from the VPS Pro Tour global qualifying series system when they claim their invitations to the 2017 Vans Park Series World Championships of park terrain skateboarding. Encompassing a diverse field of seasoned park terrain professionals, series invitees are pre-seeded directly into the semi-finals at every VPS Pro Tour qualifying event, to be met by exclusive qualifying VPS Tour Challengers in pursuit of valuable points toward their final year end rankings.

The 2017 VPS World Championship Tour Invitees are comprised of eight men’s and three women’s VPS Select Pros and seven men’s Tour Wildcards. Select Pros are determined by previous year VPS World Championships results, and 2017 Tour Wildcards and Tour Challengers are selected by a committee of competition organizers, sport organizers and event promoters to bring exciting new faces and challenges to the VPS Pro Tour elite.

Vans Park Series
2017 World Championship Tour Invitees*

Select Pros

Alex Sorgente
Pedro Barros
Ivan Federico
Cory Juneau
Ben Hatchell
Kevin Kowalski
Grant Taylor
Jack Fardell

Tour Wildcards

Chris Russell
Curren Caples
Greyson Fletcher
Ishod Wair
Oskar Rozenberg
Raven Tershy
Ronnie Sandoval

Women’s Select Pros

Brighton Zeuner
Jordan Barratt
Kisa Nakamura

The remaining field of men’s and women’s official 2017 VPS Pro Tour Challengers will be available online at Vans Park Series.

*To claim their invitations to the 2017 Men’s VPS World Championships, invitees are required to compete in three of five VPS Pro Tour global qualifying events, leaving final athlete participation to be confirmed on day of competition. Women’s VPS World Championships invitees are required to compete in a single women’s global qualifier event to claim their invitations to the 2017 Women’s VPS World Championships. Stay tuned at Vans Park Series for final athlete VPS Pro Tour global qualifying event confirmations.

The 2017 Vans Park Series Pro Tour is the premier league for professional park terrain skateboarders consisting of five men’s global qualifiers and one women’s global qualifier spanning five countries over six months and culminating with the official Vans Park Series World Championships. The 2017 Vans Park Series World Championships are sanctioned by the International Skateboarding Federation and will be held in September with final date and location to be announced on Vans Park Series along with live event Webcast and additional Pro Tour details.

Vans Park Series
2017 World Tour Schedule

Global Qualifiers

March 4*

April 8*

May 27*

July 8*

United States
August 1-5

World Championships

United States
September TBA

*Men’s-only event

Known for its unrivaled combination of speed, style, flow, amplitude and creativity, park terrain is the fastest growing discipline in competitive skateboarding today. The Vans Park Series is the defining event series for global competitive park terrain skateboarding and the first and only point system culminating in the official ISF-sanctioned park terrain skateboarding Continental and World Championships for men and women.

Showcasing an international roster of skateboarding’s elite pros and a total prize purse in excess of $500,000(USD), the Vans Park Series uniquely defines the park terrain format with its exclusive points system, judging guidelines and qualifying park terrain course criteria. Additional information and live Webcast details will be available on Vans Park Series.

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