Vans Park Series Crowns Jake Wooten and Dora Varella in Huntington Beach

Vans Pro Tour Mens Winners 2018 | Vans

With a stacked field of nearly 100 eager competitors, the 2018 Vans Park Series Americas Continental Championships opened the floodgates to showcase a variety of regional talent in Huntington Beach. Surpassing the competition and securing their official invites to the 2018 VPS World Championships in China, VPS congratulates Jake Wooten (USA) as the new 2018 VPS Men’s Americas Continental champion, and re-crowns Dora Varella (BRA) as the 2018 VPS Women’s Americas Continental champion, whose consistent performance earned her a back to back event victory. Jake Wooten was undoubtedly the crowd favorite, putting down the run of the day and demonstrating he had the skills to compete with the Pros, while Dora Varella rose to the occasion with amazing lines and incredible tricks that put her on top throughout prelims and finals. Representing the Americas, Wooten and Varella will advance directly into the 2018 VPS World Championships in China this October, bringing them both one step closer to the coveted world championship title.

Up next, the 2018 VPS Women’s Pro Tour open qualifier will commence on Thursday, August 2, expecting an incredible showcase of women’s park terrain skateboarding. Prospective women’s contenders from all over the world will have a chance to compete against top-seeded VPS Women’s Select Pros.

Vans Pro Tour Mens Winners 2018 | Vans


Vans Park Series, the official park terrain skateboarding World Championships tour, continues a jam-packed week of elite skateboarding action in Huntington Beach, CA as part of the Vans US Open action sports festival. For complete results of today’s competition, visit for more information.

2018 Men’s Americas Continental Championship Results  

1. Jake Wooten (USA)
2. Heimana Reynolds (USA)
3. Ben Hatchell (USA)

2018 Women’s Americas Continental Championship Results:

1. Dora Varella (BRA)
2. Arianna Carmona (USA)
3. Hunter Long (USA)

Vans Park Series Pro Tour, Huntington Beach Schedule

Thursday, August 2
VPS Women’s Pro Tour, Prelims

Friday, August 3
VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Prelims

Saturday, August 4
VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Semi-Finals + Finals
VPS Women’s Pro Tour, Finals

Vans Pro Tour Series 2018 Fans | Vans

Vans Park Series reveals a brand new, custom-spec concrete park built directly on the sand in Huntington Beach, in conjunction with the  Vans US Open, the largest action sports festival in the world. With new and unique elements to challenge and inspire the VPS pros, the park features a subtle twist on the center island jump box that incorporates a jersey-barrier inspired spine, along with a variety of re-designed hips, layback banks, and extensions, all arranged in an open-flow format to allow the riders an abundance of different ways to take over the course.

With thousands of spectators descending upon the Vans US Open, the highly-anticipated summer event will feature an immersive creative experience, filled with world-class surf, skate and BMX competitions, in addition to the interactive Van Doren Village, which will host art exhibitions and hands-on creative workshops for attendees. Visit for more information.