August 13, 2020

U-Color Collection

The latest delivery of Classic footwear enables creativity and personalization by allowing you to customize and create your own pair of Vans. As a nod to the early days of Vans, the U-Color collection lets you creatively express your personal style and make your Vans your very own.



Drawing inspiration from the Vans fans who use their footwear as a creative canvas, the U-Color collection features an Era that has a blank checkerboard pattern atop each of the panels, a true white tongue, and laces and eyelets to make your own checkerboard design or new pattern. The sidewall of the Era showcases “fill in the blanks” for fans to make a statement and express their individuality. A second Era footwear style highlights a hand-drawn floral motif and leaves each of the flowers open to fill in and color. Whether you stay inside the lines or choose to go beyond, the U-Color collection enables creativity during an inspiring time of expression and personal style.




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