Stoke O Rama Surf Contest 2014

In partnership with the Friends of San Clemente, Vans, and supporting sponsors, the Gudauskas Brothers presented the 3rd Annual Stoke O Rama surf contest last week at T Street in San Clemente. The annual celebration hosted a lively group of talented groms, as families, friends and local fans watched kids anywhere from 14 and under surf the city’s beloved break. With a total of five divisions, more than 100 kids in participation, and over 500 plus spectators on the beach, the 2014 Stoke O Rama saw its biggest turnout yet. “Stoke O Rama is truly a day for the kids to have a blast with their friends and family,” said Tanner Gudauskas.

With the support of the city of San Clemente and Friends of San Clemente, the Stoke-O-Rama surf event began in 2012, with the vision to showcase the blossoming talent of young surfers from San Clemente while supporting the thriving surf community at T Street. Three years later, the event is stronger than ever with hopes to expand the message of “spreading the stoke” to communities all over the world. “When you can get the entire community involved in an event like this, it's pretty special,” Dane Gudauskas remarks. Pat Gudauskas adds, “it's all about bringing the families out to the beach, and enjoying friendly competition—everybody wins."

The 3rd Annual Stoke O Rama was presented by the city of San Clemente, Friends of San Clemente, and the Gudauskas Brothers with support from Vans, Electric, Skullcandy, Jack’s, and Channel Islands.

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