Vans Utilizes 25 Years of Snowboard Boot Technology to Engineer the Standard Snow Boot

Vans, returns this winter with the stylish and functional weather-resistant Standard snow boot. Available now, the all-terrain Standard snow boot for everyday utility delivers all the traction, warmth, and weatherproofing needed to tackle winter’s tough climate. 

MTE Footwear | VANS

First introduced in 2017, the 90’s inspired Standard snow boot merges Vans’ iconic Sidestripe style with performance features built specifically for wet, snowy seasons. Employing 25 years of Vans performance snowboard boot technology, the Standard snow boot is fabricated with seam-sealed construction and waterproof vulcanized rubber lowers to protect the boot from 
seasonal storms, and keep the feet warm and dry during those extra hours outside and on snow. Complete with removable felt liners and new rugged MTE 2.0 outsoles, this versatile ATV snow boot is the ultimate choice for shoveling the driveway, binding-less powder surfing or après ski festivities.

MTE Fall Collection2018 | VANS


MTE Fall Collection2018 | VANS

The Standard snow boot is available online and in-stores now in four colorways for the 2018/19 winter season, and features Vans global snow team rider Pat Moore’s endorsed black and grey colorway.