Vans x Stance – Skate Legends Collection

Some skaters alter the course of history. Whether through their style, creativity, or contributions to its culture, they’ve helped redefine skating and inspired others to approach their surroundings with a fresh perspective. This is especially true for Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, John Lucero, Jeff Grosso, Ray Barbee, and John Cardiel. We’re honored to pay homage to them with the Skate Legends Collection by Stance.

With a shared appreciation for skating’s roots and deep ties to these legends, Stance and Vans have again teamed up to create a history lesson worth wearing. Now in its second year, this collection features socks that pair timeless skate graphics with the legends who made them famous. For many of these legends, their early graphics became synonymous with their names. Yet as much as these graphics have defined chapters in skating’s history, their enduring appeal is also a testament to each skater’s legacy. Images like Hosoi’s Rising Sun, Caballero’s dragon, and the Barbee doll continue to stand the test of time. 

Each in his own way has helped make skating what it is today. And as much as these legends have redefined skating, they have also reminded us to be true to ourselves. Celebrate their legacies and slip on a piece of history with the Skate Legends Collection by Stance, available now online and at Vans retailers.