Another Epic Vans Spring Classic Comes to a Close

Watch the mini ramp contest highlights

It is clear to all who watched the live stream or attended the Vans Spring Classic that this seventh instalment of the famed event saw a level of  skateboarding reach new heights. As the weekend drew to a close, those lucky enough to attend can reflect on an incredible weekend of skateboarding, music and good times. 

In its new location of Riccione, Italy, the Vans Spring Classic has grown into the international mini ramp contest. The roster of riders, totalling over 60 competitors from all corners of the world, represents one of the most competitive fields of skateboarders ever assembled. The level on display was more than enough to hype the 15,000 strong crowd over the three days. 

1st - Aurelien Giraud (FR)
2nd - Alex Hallford (UK)
3rd - Ivan Federico (IT)

Aurelien Giraud was rightly crowned champion, demonstrating consistency, amplitude and dominance in every run. His variety of tricks, including his sky-high kick flips over the hips, coupled with his general finesse and style left the judges in no doubt as to who would take the title at the 2015 Vans Spring Classic.

Alex Hallford pushed Aurelien the whole way with his incredible array of tricks and unique care-free style. Having qualified in second, Alex continued to dominate the spine and won the crowd over with his creative and unique approach. A firm crowd favourite, 16 year old Ivan Federico secured 3rd place with runs that included a huge 540 melon along with seemingly limitless combinations of kickflip melons on every section of the ramp. 

Whilst denied a podium place, Kalle Berglind proved to be the revelation of the year. The young Scandinavian showed that he will be a force to reckon with for years to come and that the Scandinavians understand transition riding like no other. Surprise entrant Grant Taylor brought with him a peerlessly effortless style and airtime matched only by Aurelien Giraud. 

Special mention has to be given to 'Best Trick' winner Jacopo Carozzi. While it was his impressive frontside kickflip transfer lipslide that won the accolade, he could have been crowned with any number of tricks he laid down on Friday evening. It was from then on that it became clear that the Vans Spring Classic had transcended to another level. 

Watch the lifestyle highlights

Once the qualification rounds drew to a close on Saturday evening, the live music commenced. An impressive line up consisting of Dope D.O.D, Violent Voices and Noyz Narcos & Fritz Da Cat entertained the crowds in to the night. 

Vans would like to thank the people of Riccione for their incredible support of the event, the riders that competed and the support of Becks, Redbull, Radio 105 and the municipality of Riccione for helping to create such an incredible event.