Vans World Roblox
September 14, 2021

Vans Launches "Vans World" Skatepark Experience in the Roblox Metaverse


Roblox and Vans announced the launch of "Vans World," an interactive experience created by Vans on Roblox.  With the launch of this exclusive new experience, Vans is the first brand to bring skateboarding, fashion, and community together in one experience, providing fans with the Vans shoe customizer to create their own unique style, and full skate shop to build their perfect board.  Four Vans silhouettes will be available for fans to customize, purchase, and wear in the experience.

Vans World will serve as a persistent 3D space where fans can practice their ollies and kickflips with friends, and try-on and acquire exclusive Vans gear directly in the experience.  This is the brand's first venture into the metaverse.

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